Follow the steps below to ensure you stick your phonetag onto your device - in the perfect position - the first time around!

1. Clean the back of your phone or case with the alcohol wipe and allow to air dry.


2. Detach the template below and position it on the back of your device. Centre it bewteen the sides of your phone and with the bottom aligned to the lowest visible edge of your phone or case.

3. Peel off and paste the transparent film in the top area of the template, ensuring it is smoothly and firmly attached.


4. Uncover the protective backing over the 3M pad, and stick your phonetag within the template outline.

5. Press firmly down above the 3M pad for at least 30 seconds and then remove the template. Wait at least 12 hours before use to allow the adhesive to properly cure.


Removal and Re-use:

To remove, slide your index finger through the front face of the ring and gently pull upwards to release the phonetag from your phone or case. The transparent film should lift off simaltaneously.


To re-apply, detach the transparent film and 3M pad. Ensure the base is completely free of any residue. Peel off the red-coloured backing on a replacement 3M pad and stick it to where the old pad was removed. Repeat steps 1) – 5) above.


Warning: Avoid any unnecessary movement of your phonetag i.e. opening/closing the stand and/or rotating the base to prolong the life of the adhesive pad.